We have a vibrant and expansive membership at Impact Hub Boulder. Though our community members share the common trait of working to make a positive contribution to the world, their backgrounds and companies are very diverse. At Impact Hub Boulder you’ll find natural food entrepreneurs, CSR (corporate social responsibility) strategists, web and IT specialists, clean tech and green entrepreneurs, architects, lawyers, social workers, students and more. …and keep in mind that Impact Hub Boulder members are part of our global network of over 7,000 such impact professionals!

To search our membership by job title, sector, company and more, log into our members-only LinkedIN Group, use the Members function, and you can identify and connect directly with members.

Full Member List

Our member list continues to expand every week. As new members come on board we’ll add them to the list below. Please contact us if you are an Impact Hub Boulder member and are missing from the list!

Lifetime Members

  • Andrew Scott
    Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member
  • Bruce Campbell
    President, Campbell Law Group
    Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member
    Board Director, Impact Hub Boulder
  • Caryn Capriccioso
    Principal, interSector Partners, L3C
    Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member
    Board Director, Impact Hub Boulder
  • Corey Kohn
    COO, Dojo4
    Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member
    Board Director, Impact Hub Boulder
  • Dan Catlin
    Founder & President, Terrific Trips
    Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member
  • Dave Clements
    CTO, Splickit
    Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member
  • Dave Mayer
    President, Technical Integrity
    Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member
  • David Wolf
    Managing Principal & CIO, BSW Wealth Partners
    Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member
  • Diane Murphy
    Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member
  • Gary Community Investment Company
  • Jaelin Mayer
  • Jeremiah Streets
    Technical Sales, Alcatel-Lucent
  • Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member
  • Jeremy Hinegardner
    Owner, Copious Free Time LLC
  • Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member
  • Jim Davidson
    Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member
    Board Director, Impact Hub Boulder
  • Jim Murphy
    Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member
  • Joellen Raderstorf
    Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member
  • Jon Brandon
    Principal, Arabest Group
    Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member
  • Jove Equity Partners
    Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member

  • Melanie Davidson
    Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member
  • Michael Cox
    Managing Director, HUB Cities
  • Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member
  • Michael Kelley Harris
    Owner, SourceCell
  • Michael P. Tracy
    Principal, Vinoy Capital, LLC
    Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member
  • Mike Peterson
    hardware engineer,
  • Mike Randall
    Founding Member, Nest Egg Syndicate
    Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member
  • Praful Shah
    Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member
  • Rich Hoops
    Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member
    Chairman, Impact Hub Boulder
  • Rick Zwetsch
    Co-Founder & Principal Partner, interSector Partners, L3C
    Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member
  • Robert Brown
    Electrical and Software Systems Engineer,
  • Robert Danford
    Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member
  • Robert Fenwick-Smith
    Founder & Senior Managing Director, Aravaipa Venture Fund LLC
    Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member
  • Robert Pelz
    Owner, McDonald Pelz
    Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member
  • Robin Catlin
    Founder & President, Terrific Trips
    Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member
  • Ryan Martens
    Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Rally Software
    Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member
  • Scott Kiere
    Chairman, Urban Green Development
    Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member
    Board Director, Impact Hub Boulder
  • Scott Raderstorf
    Chairman & CEO, Innovo
    Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member
  • Social Venture Partners of Boulder County
  • Tim Freundlich
    President, Impact Assets
    Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member
  • Walt Pounds
    Impact Hub Boulder Lifetime Member

  • Adam Dengler
    Business Intelligence Analyst,
  • Adam Mayer
    Marketing & Community Manager, Deutsche Bank & Achilles International
  • Adam Miller
    Principal Product Manager,
  • Adam Stack
    Guest Seed
  • Adam Stielstra
    Creative Director, Pictures Heal
  • Alan Kaplan
    Comando in Service , Authenticity LLC
  • Alessandro Sacerdoti
  • Alex Raymond
    Founder, Kapta Systems
  • Alex Shockley
    Founder and CEO, Shocking Creations
  • Alexander Herz
    President , Orbit Logic Incorporated
  • Alexia Parks
  • Alecia Evans
    CEO, In Sync, LLC
  • Alicia Robb
    Senior Fellow, Kauffman Foundation
  • Alf Laecj
    Consultant, Custom Cloud Works
  • Alfred Sawatzky
    Technical Lead, iFactor Consulting
  • Alison Leary
    Attorney, Leary Law
  • Allison Akhnoukh
    Chief of Staff, 2Revolutions
  • Allison Walker
    Senior VP, HORNE
  • Amanda L’Esperance
    International Development Consultant, Educate! and
  • Ameer Qalbani
    MBA Candidate , CU Leeds 2014
  • Amy Devine
    Founding Member
  • Amy Felix-Reese
    Owner, Global Health Foundation
  • Amy Marquis
    Director, National Park Experience: A Film Series
  • Amy Rosenblum
    Founder, Cultivation Center
  • Andrea Meier
    Founder, lead coach, Flourish! Personal Coaching
  • Andrea Phillips
    Author, Women’s Leadership, Diversity Consultant, Be True to You
  • Andrea Steffes-Tuttle
    Marketing Director, Phoenix Health Systems
  • Andrew Bourque
    Marketing Intern, Shocking Creations
  • Andrew Bray
    Partner & COO, Charter School Growth Fund
  • Andrew Burkwick
    Senior Researcher, Mathematica Policy Research
  • Andy Finney
  • Ann Goldman
    Co-Founder, Front Range Source
  • Anne Mitchell
    CEO, ISIPP SuretyMail
  • Annie Waterman
    Consultant, By Hand Consulting
  • Anthony Moorhouse
    Founder & CEO, Dynamiq
  • Anton Ushakov
    Director of Software Engineering, Oracle
  • Arielle Klein
    Teaching Assistant and Website Maintenance, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Asa Firestone
    CEO, BEYONDgear Inc.
  • Austin Doll
    National Food Service Sales Manager, Bhakti Chai
  • Aviv Nitsan
    Coder, Support, etc., DOBT
  • Bambi Wineland
    Executive Director, Motherland Travel
  • Barb Garrison
    Career Coach, Internal Groove
  • Barry Loper
  • Banks Benitez
    VP of Partnerships, Unreasonable Institute
  • Ben Blasko
    Co-Founder, Kapta Systems
  • Bianca Griffith
    CEO and Co-Founder, Agua Inc
  • Blair Young
    Communications & Connections Director, Cultivation Center, LLC
  • Blake Boles
    Director, Unschool Adventures
  • Bettsee Gotwald
    Conscious business consultant,Transform With Grace
  • Bob Keesy
    Principal, CATE3, LLC
  • Bob Morehouse
    Founder & CEO, Vermillion Design & Interactive
  • Bonnie Lucara
    Founder & CEO, Commute Matters
  • Bonnie Zimmerman
    Principal, The Cricket Group
  • Brad Ewald
    Solutions Architect, Quaero
  • Brad Wetzler
    Writer/Editor, Self
  • Brant Seibert
    Data Analyst, BOLD, LLC
  • Brett Astor
    Chief Creative Director, Strategic Media, Inc.
  • Brian Bush
  • Brian Collins
  • Brian Solano
    CEO, CE Broker
  • Brian Tsuchiya
    Managing Director, Idyllic Software
  • Brian Pignanelli
    Student, Second Family
  • Brock McCarty
    Partner, Apollo Mapping
  • Brunet Philippe
  • Calvin Delamere
    Software Developer,
  • Cameron Brooks
    President, Tolerable Planet Enterprises
  • Campbell Mayer
    Director, Africa Home Builders
  • Carly Rixham
    Deputy Executive Director, American Solar Energy Sociey
  • Cecilia Coetsee
    Grad Student, CU Boulder
  • Chad Boersma
    Marketing Associate, Strength in Members
  • Chris Willis
    Founder, The Xperts Hub
  • Christina LoVullo
    Senior Public Relations Manager, Hayter Communications
  • Carol Christenson
    Producer & Videographer, Video Bravo
  • Caroline Bennett
    Storyteller & Communications Strategist, Caroline Bennett words-pictures-action
  • Carolynn Duncan
    Founding Partner, Northwest Social Venture Fund
  • Cesar Gonzalez
    CEO, StartingBloc
  • Chad McDaniel
    Managing Partner, BaseCamp Capital
  • Charlie Kuhn
    Director of Marketing, RPW Inc.
  • Chelsea Kuerbiss
    Assistant, evoso
  • Chet Tchozewski
    Founder, Global Greengrants Fund
  • Chris Faison
    Principal, Regenerative Community Development of CO
  • Chris Mathias
    President, Catalyst
  • Clark Hodge
    Technology Evangelist, Code42
  • Criss Swaim
    Software Engineer, The Pineridge Group, LLC
  • Cristina McGarr
    Key Account Sales Representative, Columbia Sportswear
  • Christopher Senesi
    Co-Founder & Board Member, ALLY Youth Services
  • Christian Lenz
    COO, Planet iQ
  • Cole Chambers
    Web Developer, Boulder Web Dev
  • Corin Blanchard
    Program Director, FeelGood
  • Courtney Watson
    Founder, A Place to Breathe
  • Courtney Zenner
    Independent Grant Writer, Web Copywriter and Author
  • Cynthia Beard
    Certified Neurosculpting Facilitator, Neurosculpting Institute
  • Dan Baum
    Executive Director, Rule Five
  • Dan Leftwich
    Attorney, MindDrive Legal Services, LLC
  • Dan Lubar
    External Affairs Director, WhiteSpace Alliance
  • Dan Northern
    Web + Graphic Designer, Tilted Square LLC
  • Dan Powers
    Executive Director, Boulder Tomorrow
  • Dana Dupuis
    President, Brio Enterprise
  • Dana Miller
    President, Miller & Associates CPA
  • Dan Otis
    CEO, Brickstone
  • Daniel MacDonald
    Resource Efficiency Analyst,
  • Daniel Zacek
    CTO, 9-1-1 Labs
  • Dave Larsen
    President, iDi Incorporated
  • David Adamson
    President, EcoBuild Inc.
  • David Bright
    Senior Financial Advisor, Gold Metal Waters
  • David Fritz
    Founder and CEO, BluFish LLC
  • david ingalls
    CEO, NW Nutritional Foods
  • David Link
    Founder, Blue Sage Advisory
  • David Secunda
    Program Director, Avid 4 Adventure
  • David Riordan
    VP Media, Integral Life
  • David Vergoz
    CEO, BlackWood Finance & Accounting, Inc
  • Dee Liang
    Digital Communications Associate, Cultivation Center
  • Debbie Anderson
    Project Manager, iFactor Consulting
  • Debbie Carosella
    CEO, Madhava Natural Sweeteners
  • Denyse Wise
    CEO, Madena Solutions
  • Debbie Miller
    Online Business Manager / Problem Solver Extraordinaire , In Credible Hands
  • Derek Zachmann
    Principal, Adventures with Kindness
  • Devin Hibbard
    CEO, BeadforLife
  • Donna Shields, MS, RDN
    Consultant, Nutrition & Culinary Communications
  • Donna Tellam
    Dir. Marketing & Product Management, Spring mobile Solutions
  • Doug Beall
    Founder, Simple Shelter, Ltd.
  • Doug Krug
    CCO, elsolutions
  • Duer Reeves
    Managing Director, Greenlite Labs
  • Elana Rabin
    Global PR Coordinator, Hayter Communications
  • Eliana Berlfein
    Website Designer / WordPress Developer, Sidewalk Cafe Design
  • Elizabeth Anderson-Kempe
  • Elizabeth Wangler
    President and Founder, Wangler Associates, Inc.
  • Emily Davis
    President, Emily Davis Consulting LLC
  • Emily Lindner
    President, TruNorth Consulting, Inc
  • Elon Bar-Evan
    Technical Trainer, Chef
  • Eric Doub
    CEO & Founder, EcoSmart Certified Properties
  • Eric Freeland
    Business Development, LuckyBolt
  • eric hauptman
    IT Consultant, Pinnacle System
  • Eric Ray
    Director of Platform Development, Nexenta Systems, Inc.
  • Erin Livingston
    Denver Day Camp Director, Avid 4 Adventure
  • Erin Weed
    Founder, Girls Fight Back!
  • Francy Milner
    Instructor and Assoc. Director, Center for Education on Social Responsibility Leeds School of Business University of Colorado
  • Fred Holt
    Founder , Summit HR Solutions
  • Gala Orba
    Community Liaison , Leading Learners LLC
  • Gary Pawlas
    Engineering Management and Product Development Consultant , GPA
  • Gerry Valentine
    President & Founder, Vision Executive Coaching, LLC
  • Gia Medeiros
    Founder, 520 Collective
  • Gillian Pierce
    Co-founder, Global Glue Project
  • Ginger Kern
    Coach, Speaker, Global Mindset LLC
  • Glenn Whitney
    Director, StratLead
  • Greg Cahill
    Technical Manager, iFactor Consulting
  • Greg Ludke
    Customer Experience Product Manager, Intuit
  • Greg Sherwin
    Owner, Boulder Creative Housing
  • Greg Sklar
    CEO, Indigo Children
  • Glenn Turner
    Founder, Ripple Strategies
  • Glenn Whitney
    Director, StratLead
  • Gregory Landua
    Founder, Nova Monda Chocolates Company
  • Hal Clifford
    Principal, Take One Creative
  • Harrison Reid
  • Heather Ogren
    Circulation Desk & Shelving Sub , Boulder Public Library
  • Heather Van Dusen
    Senior Associate, B Lab
  • Heather Winner
    Consulting Associate, Emily Davis Consulting
  • Hillary Griffith
    Founder/Director, Green Streets
  • Hollis Hope
    President, Hope Strategies
  • Ian Scott
    Co-Founder, Roothouse Studio
  • Ingrid Walsh
    Executive Director, The Common Body
  • Irina Sedova
    Owner, Destination Impact
  • Jacob Wagner
    CEO, Wagner Communication Systems, Inc.
  • Jake Wells
    Manager, In-State Angels
  • James Carter
    Founder and CEO, Be Legendary
  • James Ingham
    Web Development,
  • James Mock
    Principal, James M. Mock, PLLC
  • James Sawyer
    Professor Emeritus, Seattle University
  • James Vince
    Web Developer,
  • Jamie Seiffer
    Restaurant Development Group, OpenTable
  • Jamie Sabbach
    Founder & Managing Member, 110 Percent LLC
  • Jane Klein
    Owner, Evolved Communications
  • Jane Miller
    CEO, Rudi’s Organic Bakery
  • Janet Ehlers
    Senior Strategist, Strength in Members
  • Janette Heung
  • Jason Dilg
    Producer, TEDxMileHigh
  • Jason Houston
    Co-Founder & Principal, Take One Creative
  • Jason Knoll
    Founder, Being Imaginal
  • Jason Wiener
    Principal, Jason Wiener|p.c., a Public Benefit Corporation
  • Jay Irwin
    Vice President of the University Mobility Innovation Center, SAP
  • Jed Emerson
    Principal, Blended Value
  • Jim Campbell
    Photographer, OmLight Photography
  • Jim Chivers
    Director of Special Projects, TACT
  • Jim Harvey
    Owner, Out of the Box Marketing
  • Jeff Chow
    Founder, CO42, Inc.
  • Jeff Cook
    Founder, Newopolis, INC.
  • Jeff Friesen
    Co-Owner, CTO, Snugg Home
  • Jeff Grossberg
    President, Guidestone Consulting
  • Jeff Hohensee
    President, High Lake LLC
  • Jeff Lycett
    Artist, Next Culture Network
  • Jeffrey Yin
    President and Internet Marketing Strategist, CTRL+Console
  • Jean Giovetti
    Software Architect,
  • Jean Weiss
    Director of Content and Media Relations, Slow Money
  • Jeannie Church
    Career Development Coach, True North Career Coaching
  • Jen Markus
    PR Consultant, JMPR
  • Jen ONeil
    Founder, principal consultant, VoxEnt
  • Jenna Buffaloe
    Founder, Jenna Buffaloe Coaching + Consulting
  • Jenna McCabe
    Mindfulness Consultant,
  • Jennifer Boyd
    Co-Founder, SalesGrunt
  • Jennifer Flannery
    Job seeker,
  • Jennifer Klafin
    Founder & Managing Partner, CorpCROP
  • Jenifer Nicoll
    Operations Director, Falletti Weber Consulting Group
  • Jeremy Deems
    Co-Founder, CFO, COO, Green Alpha Advisors, LLC
  • Jeremy Ragland
    Manager,Yoga Train
  • Jess Ryan
    Social Media Strategist, Whole Foods Market
  • Jessica Finver
    Owner/ Principal, JHF Design LLC
  • Jessica Hernandez
    Transportation Planner, Fox Tuttle Hernandez
  • Jesse Lee Gray
    Ringmaster, Housegreening
  • Jesse Grimes
    Principal, Client Services, Highlander Wealth Services, LLC
  • Marla Cooley
    CEO/President, High in the Hills, llc
  • Jina Penn-Tracy
    Ethically Aligned Wealth Manager, Raeheart Financial and Progressive Asset Management
  • Jocelyn Martinez
    Program Manager, Cultivation Center
  • Jonathan Brumbaugh
    Director of Photography, Balcony Nine Media
  • John Mahoney
    Principal & CFO, CFO Leadership Services LLC
  • john shepherd
    Consultant, Shepherd Sustainability
  • Joe Koller
    Partner, Now CFO
  • Joseph Logan
    Coach, Joseph Logan
  • Dr. John Day
  • John Langford
    Founder/Partner, Double Acre
  • John Fisher
    CEO, Sticker Giant
  • John Scruggs
    Vice President, Allscripts
  • Jonathan Beninson
  • Jonathan Osgood
    Developer,TACT L3C
  • Jonathan Woodward
    VP Engineering,VP Engineering
  • Jordan Bailey
    Field Coordinator , Philanthropiece Foundation
  • Jordan Crittenden
    VP / Technology, Relay Foods, Inc.
  • Joseph DiMasi
    President, Creative Light Source
  • Josh Garner
    Software Developer,
  • Joshua Radoff
    Principal, YR&G
  • Joshua Thomas Vojtisek
    Director,, The New Energy Industry
  • Josh Whitney
    Partner, Anthesis Consulting Group
  • Josh Zemel
    Principal, True/Wise
  • Judy Kundert
    President, Cypress Productions, LLC
  • Julie Hayes
    Chief Strategy Officer, Amoveo
  • Julie Imig
    Principal, Imig, LLC.
  • Justin Arnold
  • Justin Bergen
    iOS Developer, Five3 Apps, LLC
  • Justin Crawford
    Senior Web Product Engineer, Mozilla
  • Justin Freeman
    Professional Research Assistant, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Justin Perkins
    Director of Business Development,
  • Justin Van Eaton
    Software Developer,

      • Justin Raddatz
        Investor Executive, CircleUp
      • Kara Peck
        Business Development Lead, B Lab
      • Karen Corliss
        Owner/Principal, Pack Systems Engineering, LLC
      • Karen Deierhoi
        Co-Founder & President, Blackwood Finance & Accounting
      • Karen Gibbs
        Co-Founder, By Hand Consulting
      • Karina Mora
        Real Estate Assistant, Boulder Homes & Beyond
      • Karthik Narasimhan
        Founder, Priest
      • Kate Bachtel
        Founder, SoulSpark
      • Katie Doyle Myers
        Director of Programs, Philanthropiece Foundation
      • Katie Nelson
        Partner, Apollo Mapping
      • Katie Stjernholm
        Film Director / Producer / Strategist, Balcony Nine Media
      • Kayla Hinrichs
        Registrar, Avid 4 Adventures
      • Kaylie Marsh
        Executive Assistant, EDA Consulting, LLC
      • Kazia Jankowski
        Director, TBD
      • Keith Alpert
        President/Owner, Global Recruiters of Rockies
      • Keith Staggkm
        Policy & Standards Manager, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), US
      • Kelly Bartell
        Head of Maintenance Division, Matrix Gardens
      • ken barber
        VP Marketing, The Search Monitor
      • Ken Finkel
        Founder/Managing Principal, Impact Wealth Advisors
      • Ken Miller
        Director, Project Revive
      • Kent Dickson
        CEO, Unifythings
      • Kerry Manley
        Administrative Associate, Emily Davis Consulting
      • Kevin Bound
        Principal, Wood Capital Associates
      • Kevin Johnson
        Data Analysis and Visualization Engineer,
      • Kevin McMahon
        Instructor, University of Colorado
      • Kevin Vranes
        Vice President, Carbon Markets, Tact L3C
      • Kim Reither Coupounas
        Director, B Lab Colorado
      • Kimberly Kosmenko
        MBA Candidate Focused on Values-Based Business, Daniels School of Business
      • Kimberly Swank
        Managing Partner/ Founder, Swank Accounting, LLC
      • Kirsten Westby
        Advisor, Emily Davis Consulting
      • Kristen Leon
        Sales Consultant, Paychex Inc
      • Kyle Littman
        VP of Operations, Avid 4 Adventure
      • Kyle Weiss
        Consultant, Eos Group
      • Kyle Willets
      • Integrative Physical Therapist, Kyle Willets
      • Kylie Manson
        Chief Operations Officer, Urban Farm Company of Colorado
      • Larry Dressler
        Founder, Blue Wing Consulting
      • Laura Brower
        Founder, Recycle Projects
      • Laura Foster
        Founder, FUSION-THP
      • Laura Seraydarian
        Director, The Livelihood Project
      • Lauren Batcheck
        Search Manager, Rework
      • Lauren Higgins
        Global Projects Coordinator, Impact Hub Company
      • Lauren Rains
        Website Designer, Wild World Creative
      • Laurie Benson
        founder/president, One Percent For Women
      • Laurie Hathorn
        CEO, Free Enterprise Warriors
      • Lee Blazek
        web/app developer,
      • Leila Boulton
        Principal Consultant, Efficient Consulting, LLC
      • Leonard Kish
        MarComm Chair, Collaborative Health Consortium
      • Leslie Allen
        Co-Founder, Front Range Source
      • Lewis Hoffman
        Partner, HolacracyOne
      • Lisa Lai
        CEO, Lai Ventures
      • Lisa McCarley
        Associate Producer, StreamLearn
      • Lisa Turner
        ceo, wholly bites
      • Lisa Zimmerman
        Founder/CEO, Soul Level Solutions
      • Lorne Noble
      • Luke Kende
        Owner, Kende Consulting
      • Luis Hernandez
        Broker & Entrepreneur,
      • M.B. Glass
        Partner, Stone Rose Partners
      • Macro Lam
        Founder, Mandala Clinic
      • Maddie Bulkley
        Sales & Marketing , Quinn Popcorn
      • Magda Barcelo
        consultant, Equilibra
      • Mandy Godown
        Brand Builder / Creative / Founder, CTRL+Console
      • Marcy Miller
        Owner, Organic Sandwich Company
      • Maren Keeley
        Co-founder, Conscious Company Magazine
      • Mari Heart
        Transformational Sourceress, The Genius Alliance
      • Marissa Saints
        Founder/CEO, Dsenyo
      • Mark Kreloff
        Founder, Kreloff Equity Partners
      • Mark Casey
        CEO, Tenant Wisdom LLC
      • Mark Fischer
        CEO, Inspire Commerce, Inc.
      • Mark Haeg
        Project Manager, Open for Opportunity
      • Marni Shymkus
        Strategist, Consultant, I help businesses realize their potential, online and off
      • Marsha Barancik
        Consultent, Girl Sherlock Inc.
      • Marshall Hayes
        Director of Marketing, SEM, LLC
      • Martha Angulo
        Founder/President, Knowledge Headquarters, Inc.
      • MaryKay Morgan
        Chief Ginger , EFG Consulting, Inc
      • Mary Z. Fuka
        Freelance physicist, EnPhysica LLC
      • Mary Schnieders
        Exec. Administrative Mgr.,
      • Mathias Frese
        Entrepreneur, L.P.Jacks
      • Matthew Conforti
        Community Specialist, B Lab
      • Matt Koglin
        Entrepreneur, Antinomia Solutions
      • Matthew King PhD
        President | Chairman of the Board, Living GREEN Foundation | Global Research | Expeditions | Education Network
      • Matthew Wilson
        Director, CH2MHILL
      • Maureen Cronin
        Partner, Worldways Strategy + Creative
      • Maury Birdwell
        Attorney, Birdwell Law Firm, P.C.
      • Maya Hill
        Holistic Bodyworker, Mandala Clinic
      • Max Lenderman
        Founder, School Helps
      • Megg Sohn
        Owner, Megg Sohn Design
      • Meghan French
        Director of Development, Slow Money
      • Mekayla Beaver
        Founder/Design Strategist, Gloworminsights
      • Meredith McNown
        Holistic Bodyworker, Mandala Clinic
      • Micah Tapman
        Founder, The Tapman Group
      • Michael Brady
        Principal, Generosity Wealth Management, LLC
      • Michael Oczkowski
        Principal Software Engineer, Nebula12
      • Michael Rucker
        President, Harvest Energy Services
      • Mike Scheuer
        Founder, Scuddle
      • Mike Schnatzmeyer
        President, One Construction & Design, Inc
      • Mike Shanley
        Founder and CEO, Konektid International
      • Mike Spykerman
      • Mimi Mather
        Co-Founder, Roothouse Studio
      • Mischa Delaney
        Community Lead, B Lab Colorado
      • Mitch Heuer
        CEO, Heuer Labs LLC
      • Moishe Lettvin
        Software Engineer, Etsy
      • Morey Bean
        Co-Founder & Platform Architect, S|A|C ScholarDollars
      • Morgan Bazilian
        Deputy Director,
      • Myka McLaughlin
        Founder, WINC ~ Women In Community
      • Nanda Zipp
      • Natalie Canfield
        Customer Success Manager, Project Travel
      • Natalie Shrewsbury
        Horticulture Therapist,
      • Nate Birnbaum
        Student / Photographer,
      • Neal McBurnett
        Consultant, ElectionAudits
      • nelson bonestroo
        Publisher, Tilt Giant
      • Nicholas DeMuth
        Founder, The Up Beet Kitchen, Inc
      • Nick Hofmeister
        Entrepreneur, Triton Algae Innovations
      • Nicole Casanova
        CEO, Casanova Venturs
      • Nicole LeBoeuf-Little
        Writer, Freelance
      • Noah Goldstein
        Acupuncturist, The Acupuncture Bus LLC
      • Oriana Mishler
        Director of Development Dialogue, Proseed
      • Osman Parvez
        Founder & Owner-Broker, Silver Fern HomesF
      • Oz DiGennaro
        Developer, Liaison International
      • Pamme Crandall
        Network Software Engineer,
      • Parker Johnson
        Founding Member, Entrepreneur
      • Patricia Klauer
        Founder, Alpha-i
      • Patricia Whitaker
        Bd. Co-Chair, Art Parts Creative Reuse Center
      • Paul Bae
        VP, digital strategy, Fidolab
      • Paul Dreyer
      • Resident Camp Director, Avid 4 Adventure
      • Paul Morgan
        Operations Manager, American Solar Energy Society
      • Paul Wagner
        CEO, Hacker High Inc.
      • Pedro Tomas Delgado Ortiz
        Co-Founder, Agua Inc
      • Perry Towle
        Creative Director, TruFuel
      • Peter Genuardi
        Founder, Strength in Members
      • Peter McGraw
      • Peter Waters
        Community Conduit, Boulders Best Brightest
      • Alf Laecj
        Consultant, Custom Cloud Works
      • Pieter Oosthuizen
        Co-Founder and CEO, CELSUS Bio-Intelligence
      • Praveen Mantena
        CTO, Madena
      • Quayle Hodek
        Founder and CEO, Renewable Choice Energy
      • R John Siewierski
        Owner, Siewierski Consulting
      • Rachel Diamond
        Sr. Contract Recruiter, VSA Partners
      • Rachel Rubenstein
        Changemaker Ignitor, FeelGood
      • Rafi Yagudin
        Webdev Freelance, Rafilabs
      • Rebecca Louzan
        Marketing Manager, Gaiam TV
      • Rehan Hasan
        Attorney, Hasan, LLC
      • Rob Decker
        President, X-Media, Inc.
      • Rob Renegar
        Principal, Renegar & Associates
      • Rob Slowinski
      • Rob Bennett
        Owner, TBG
      • Robert Danford
        Data Scientist, Servalens
      • Robert (Mac) Decker
        Freelance Developer,
      • Robert MacNaughton
        Executive Director, The Integral Center
      • Robert Mitre
        Consultant, Ira-llc structures
      • Robert Power
        Author, Healer,
      • Ron Kertzner
        President, ChoicePoint Consulting
      • Ross Wehner
        Executive Director, World Leadership School
      • Rosalind Wiseman
        President, RPW Inc.
      • Russell McDougal
        Owner, Isle of View
      • Russell Merlin
        Business Consultant,
      • Ryan Diebel
        Mr. Tech,
      • Ruth Steele
        Freelance Business Analyst
      • Ryan Hurst
        President, Liber, LLC
      • Sabina Mackay
        Director of Donor Relations, , Global Education Fund
      • Salvadore Silvester
        President, 5.12 Solutions Consulting Group
      • Sam Elmore
        Experiential Coach, Brinc
      • Samuel LaCasse
        CEO and Founder, WrapnSnap LLC
      • Samuel Schueth
        Chief Social Scientist, Sayara Research
      • Sam Sussman
        President, Eight Days A Week Imaging
      • Sandra Carr
        President/Founder, Law Offices of Sandra T. Carr, P.C.
      • Sarah Kraft
        President, Birth Institute
      • Sarah McCowan
        LCSW, Colorado university
      • Sarah Pekala
        School Program Director, Boulder Camp Director, Avid 4 Adventure
      • Sarah Timms
        Founder and President, Love Animals
      • Scott Homan
        Designer, Complete PCB
      • Scott Perlman
        President, Rayo Strategic Partners
      • Sean Garborg
        Data Scientist / Economist,
      • Sean Helvey
        Software Developer, Blue Hook
      • Seth Henry
        Partner, Campbell Law Group
      • Sharla Macy
      • Shawn Conti
        Managing Director, Namaste Esquire, LLC
      • Sheila Lamont
        Founding Attorney, Sheila A. Lamont, LLC
      • Shelley Janes
      • Sofia ponte
        Graduate Intern, Institute for Environmental Solutions
      • Sonia Powell
      • Stephanie Brady
        Managing Partner/Founder, Director of Cause Marketing, Pando Innovations/Youth Venture Zone, Kula Causes
      • Stephanie Heacox
        CEO (to be), Shareagenarians
      • Stephan Reckie
        Managing Member, Angelus Funding

li>steph stoss
Consumer Relations Specialist, Justin’s

  • Stephanie Yost
    Outreach Coordinator, Hartney Law
  • Stevan P Simich
    CEO & Founder, TACT, L3C
  • Steve Drouilhet
    Managing Director, Sustainable Power Systems, LLC
  • Steve Dewart
    Organizational Consultant
  • Steven Ellis
    Principal, Colorado Capital Management
  • Steve Kenny
    CEO, flaik
  • Steven Saunders
    Founder & Principal, Sentosa Technology Consultants
  • Steve Schuetch
    Founder/President, First Affirmative Network
  • Steven Johnston
    Co-Founder, Visionary Values
  • Sue Heilbronner
    Founder & Chief Catalyst, Boulder Ideas
  • Sunil Narang
    President and CEO, WDHB Strategic Learning
  • Susan Ross
    Founder/Cross Pollinator, Susan Ross [Creative]
  • Syed Reza
    Managing Partner, Unlok Development
  • Tal Gur
    Online Entrepreneur , Tal Gur
  • Ted Biderman
    Attorney, Pearl Street Legal, LLC
  • Ted Ning
    CEO, Innovators International
  • Ted Rich
    Principal , Vinoy Capital
  • Teju Ravilochan
    CEO, Unreasonable Institute
  • Thom Ward
    Attorney, TM Ward, LLC
  • Thomas Lauth
    Founder/CEO, Lauth Investigations
  • Thomas Savage
    Principal, Forward Solutions
  • Todd Stockbauer
    Consulting CFO/COO,
  • Tom Marquis
    Freelance Design & Motion Graphics, Rise Motion
  • Tom Tompkins
    EVP New Business, Tru Fragrance & Beauty LLC
  • Tommy Knoll
    Business Development Director , The Werx Group
  • Travis Ramos
    Founder & Executive Director, Second Mile Water | Live a Better Story. End Water
  • Trevor Zimmerman
    Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Farmore Capital Group
  • Trina Peterson
    Director of Development, One Percent for the Planet
  • Trina Wyatt
    Consultant, Conscious Good Media
  • Tristan Bradford
  • Tyler Hartung
    CFO/COO, Unreasonable Institue
  • Uri Neren
    Chairman, Innovators International
  • Verity Noble
    Program and Events Manager, Unreasonable Institute
  • Vincent Cobb
    Entrepreneur, Consultant, Founder &
  • Vinita Narang
  • Wade Rosen
    Co-Founder, Wishlist LLC
  • Wayne Greenberg
    President, WGI
  • Wendy Bolger
    Principal, Independent Consultant
  • Will Forsythe
    Minister, All Souls Church of Boulder
  • William J. Kramer
    Founder/President/CEO, Clean Engines, Inc.
  • William Rigler
    Director of University Relations, Naropa University
  • Woody Tasch
    Chairman, Slow Money
  • Wyling Cambrium
    Feng Shui Master, Life Chi
  • Xander Page
    Entrepreneur & Consultant, TBA
  • Zenia Tata
    CEO, Zenia Tata, Inc.
  • Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn
    Founder, Least Authority


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