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Today, the Board of Directors announced that Impact Hub Boulder is accepting applications for the Managing Director of Impact Hub Boulder, a job currently held by co-founder and Board Director Greg Berry.  Given that this is likely to raise questions, here’s an overview of the thinking behind the decision, and what’s likely to happen in the coming months.

Hiring: Managing Director at Impact Hub Boulder

Impact HUB Boulder
Managing Director
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This is one of those opportunities that just doesn’t come along very often. The Managing Director at Impact Hub Boulder presents an opportunity to help shape the future of entrepreneurship, locally, regionally, and globally.

Media and Marketing Intern still available

Organizational Overview:
Impact Hub Boulder is a physical home for entrepreneurs, professionals, and investors to collectively create positive impact. Located in downtown Boulder, Impact Hub Boulder welcomes members of our local  communities to a unique space optimized for collaboration, learning, acceleration, and making change happen.

Social Enterprise – Alive & Well in East Africa

Guest blog post by Rich Hoops, Board Chair and Co-Founder of Impact Hub Boulder. Taken from his July 2014 trip to Africa.
I was recently in Tanzania at the invitation of the Segal Family Foundation of New Jersey. Barry Segal built one of the country’s largest distributors of building products, and when it sold in 2006, he involved his children in the creation of the family foundation.

We are looking for three stellar interns this fall at the Hub

1. Media and Marketing Intern
2. Event Coordinator Intern
3. Hosting Intern

Applications accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis.

Organizational Overview:
Impact Hub Boulder is a physical home for entrepreneurs, professionals, and investors to collectively create positive impact.

Angel Investing for Impact and Profit

Written by Hub Member Praful Shah, Angel investor, advisor to Principium Consulting originally posted on the Huffington Post. 

A divorced young mom with infant twins was struggling to make ends meet. Even though she had a full time job, and two years of a profitable business, she couldn’t get a bank loan to expand her company.

Managing Your Most Valuable Asset

Gerry Valentine_Impact_Hub_Boulder

Disengaged and poorly managed employees cost American businesses over $300 billion each year!  

This shocking statistic was recently published by the Gallup organization, a leading research agency. They also estimate that 70% of employees are disengaged. Much of this is because business owners don’t know how to manage their employees.

Impact Hub Boulder Team Evolving

As we shared a few weeks ago, we’re excited that Mischa Delaney has moved into a new role with the B Lab team here in Colorado.  It’s been great to see her at the Hub every day in her new role.

Additionally, there are other staff changes we want to tell you about.

Hannah Davis is moving into a new role at Impact Hub in which she will be steering more of our programming and events business.

For Entrepreneurs—How to Manage Your Employees and Get the Results You Want

Let’s face it; employees are the lifeblood of any business, and this is especially true for entrepreneurs. Employees interface directly with customers, they perform critical tasks, and in many ways they can make or break a business. In a small company, every employee has a very significant impact.

However, many entrepreneurs struggle with managing their employees.

Town Hall Recap

Last Thursday, March 20th, we enjoyed our third town hall meeting as a community. The night started off with a warm welcome by Greg Berry, who reiterated our mission to be of, by, and for the Boulder community. The meeting addressed not only how we are serving our community well, but also the ways in which we might improve.


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